Andres Escobar, B.A., CADC

“I have been working in the field of Chemical Dependency counseling for 12 years. I started at MFH on January 14, 2000 as a part time counselor intern, and by 2005 I was a full time therapist here at MFH while working part time for a Mental Health/MICA Agency in Camden. The experience I gained working with co-occurring patients has brought me back to MFH as a full time Supervisor and Bilingual Therapist. I feel I have been blessed with the gift of patience and sensitive listening skills that allows the patient/client to trust that I am here for them. My Father’s House allows me to use these wonderful gifts.”

“To stand with a confused, frightened, misunderstood human being who is trying desperately to tell you something that he or she feels you will not understand or care about, and for them to see that you really do care deeply, is beyond comprehension.”

Andres is the Clinical Supervisor of the Alcohol & Drug program.  He runs the Men group on Mon, Tues, & wednesday evenings.