My Father’s House, its Board and all of the good people who are part of making My Father’s House happen are dedicated to “CARING”. We are dedicated to genuine, empathetic “Caring”.  Not only the psychological and emotional caring that we give our clients as well as the medical caring, but we are dedicated to the QUALITY of our caring. Real CARE excludes indifference and is the opposite of apathy. It reaches out to the lost, the outcasts, the ones no one wants. These are the people we care about the most. The indigent, the lost, the lonely and at times the ugly. We CARE  to enter a HEALING CLOSENESS with our fellow human beings.

The word “care” finds it’s roots in the Gothic word “Kara” which means lament. The basic meaning of “care” is: to grieve, to experience sorrow, to cry out with. But we are meant to share life together, and so we here at My Father’s House chose to be a PRESENCE for those who need CARE. A PRESENCE that reaches out our hands in acceptance because where there is acceptance there is HEALING.

Consequently, we hope to be a HEALING PRESENCE for all broken hurting adolescents, men, women and the elderly – in short all families who have entered upon the road of recovery, and who may need a friend with whom to share their burden. Our hearts are with families who are broken so that they may HEAL. Healing a famity means healing a community and healing a community is to begin to heal our world.

Help us in our Mission of CARING.