Family Counseling

The most important piece in the treatment process is getting the family members, significant other, partner or spouse involved in the recovery process. As soon as the client enters treatment the family member or significant other, whoever that may be, is called to come in for a family session alone. Here the family member is allowed to share his/her feelings, “story” and or history about their loved one in treatment. Many times, and sad to say, the family member or significant other refuses to come in stating it is not their problem but the clients. Sometimes they do soften and finally come into counseling. When they do, they see that we are here for them also. Feelings of pain, anger, lack of trust and fear that the relationship is over are shared and validated. Needs never met are addressed and the healing process begins.

The healing and recovery process takes a long time. Significant others are given permission to not only have their feelings, but to tell them to their loved one. The client/patient is also helped to give voice to their feelings too. Significant dialogue can begin; but unfortunately, dealing with issues can also set one up for relapse. So the clinician doing the counseling must be very attuned to know how much to deal with and when. Today we have medications that can help with the trauma, anxiety and depression that can be brought on by the sharing of their pain. The journey of recovery is ongoing, but we must begin in order to heal the wounds. The tragedy is when the spouse or partner does not chose to get involved, but chooses to stay in denial. Where there is no interaction and honesty there can be no healing. This is where relationships, and/or marriages dissolve. But the client/patient
must continue to move forward and heal alone.

Addiction wreaks havoc on relationships, especially with those closest to us. As one is recovering, life is still life with daily challenges, hardship and pain. Unless we become convinced that one has to develop a relationship with the creator of this universe, recovery and quality sobriety are not possible. My Father’s House staff are uniquely qualified to help others struggling with addiction and reconciliation. We offer our clients our experience, strength, and hope. We offer them a helping hand if they are seeking what we have been so blessed to have received from those who have gone before us – His dignity and His grace.