Admissions Criteria


  1. Phone intake- Appointment set up
  2. Clinical Evaluation/Screening using ASAM PPC-2 Criteria
  3. Individualized Treatment determined using ASI Screening Tool
  4. All Treatment individualized to meet client’s needs.


  1. Motivational Interviewing – Identifies Stages of Change
  2. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy –Challenges Belief System & Dysfunctional Thinking

POPULATION SERVED: All clients thirteen (13) years and older are welcomed into our program.  All must be substance abusing or chemically addicted to enter treatment.  Everyone is accepted regardless of sexual orientation, race, creed, or handicap.  Individuals under the age of eighteen (18) must have written consent of their parent or legal guardian in order for My Father’s House to administer any assessment or treatment services.

TREATMENT: All levels of care are determined using the ASAM Criteria and individualized to each client.  Treatment/Clinical issues addressed include Dimension 3:  Emotional/Behavioral Conditions and Complications; Dimension 4 : Treatment Acceptance/Resistance; Dimension 5:  Relapse/Continued Use Potential; and Dimension 6: Recovery Environment .  After the Assessment is done a primary counselor is assigned and a Treatment Plan is developed using the ASAM Dimensions.

URINE DRUG SCREENING (UDS): A Urine Drug Screening is done at the time the Assessment/Evaluation is done, as well as randomly throughout the program.

My Father’s House will provide Drug Testing to anyone requiring this service.  Individuals referred by their employers or the legal system (as requested) will be given a Chain of Custody test.

PROGRAM SCHEDULE:  My Father’s House provides Adult  Gender Specific Intensive Outpatient Services in the AM  on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday; and Mixed Male and Female Outpatient Services in the AM on Tuesday and Friday.  Our evening Gender Specific Intensive Outpatient services are on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; as well as another male only Intensive Outpatient Service on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to accommodate those who cannot attend on other days.  Our Mixed Male and Female Outpatient Service is on Tuesday and Thursday evening.  Our Adolescent Boy’s Intensive Outpatient Program is Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings; while our program for girls is Monday and Wednesday evenings.

INTENSIVE OUTPATIENT: ( 9 to 15 hours per week)  Intensive Outpatient Treatment can consist of any combination of Group, Individual and/or Family Counseling.  Individuals are required to attend a minimum of 9 hours of counseling per week, but may be scheduled for up to 15 when therapeutically necessary.  This depends on the need.  Each client will be very involved in working with his/her designated counselor to develop a treatment plan he/she can follow as well as a continuing care plan for after discharge.  All treatment goals are attainable and realistic.  AA/NA attendance is required; and Families are referred to Alanon/Naranon.

OUTPATIENT: (1-8 hours per week)  Outpatient Treatment may consist of any combination of Group, Individual and/or Family Counseling.  Individuals in this level of treatment are required to at least 1 hour of counseling per week with a maximum of 8 hours per week depending on the need.  As in the Intensive Outpatient phase of the program, each individual is assigned a primary counselor who works with client in developing a treatment plan and a continuing care plan for after discharge.  All goals are realistic and obtainable.  This phase of treatment can be entry level at admission especially if a client is coming from a Residential Treatment Program.  This level can also be seen as and Education/Early Intervention Level.

DROP DOWN PROGRAM: My Father’s House provides a “drop down” level approach.  Clients proceed in this program by giving clean urines, attending AA/NA,  getting a sponsor, becoming employed if needed, reporting to required social services, and making significant changes in their lives.  Their movement through our treatment program is up to  them.  They can move from IOP (Intensive Outpatient services) into OP (Outpatient services) as quickly or as slowly as they choose.  Success and movement are determined by their motivation and willingness to change.

Please contacts us with any questions