Lindsay is a 24 year old father of one young child under the age of 2. He came to treatment the first time and was in denial and used the whole time he was here. He was also in treatment with his father at that time. Lindsay came back to Treatment again with an open mind about healing himself and learning about his disease of addiction. His focus was on the genetic factor of this disease and how an open mind will bring healing, along with recognizing the influence his genetic make up will have on his son.

Lindsay believes in a Higher Power and is working on being the father that his son needs.



Michael is a 48 year old male who is alcoholic. He came to treatment a homeless man who lived in a shelter. Michael’s alcoholism progressed to the point of him losing his business, his wife. and daughter. When drinking his personality would change and he would become very violent.  He shared of times when he didn’t remember anything that went on. Only to wake up with someone telling him what he did the night before. It usually was with him beating up someone. Michael entered recovery and searched spiritually for healing and is now in college working on his associate’s degree.