Taneshia is a 31 yr. old African American mother of (4) children. Tanisha started treatment with us after being released from Camden City jail completing their program Inside Freedom.

Tanesha is working at a nursing home and enjoys her job.Tanisha started smoking cannabis at  the age of 29, stating it relaxed her. Initially when coming to treatment in the precontemplation stage, she was not motivated for treatment nor believed she had a problem with drugs. At one point, Tanisha stated she felt marijuana should be legalized. and since then (now in the maintenance stage) has a totally different feeling about smoking weed at all.  She has been able to identify triggers and especially see that it enabled her to take an honest look at her marriage and how the relationship had been over a long time before treatment.

Through the fellowship of NA, and the education she has received from treatment, Tanisha reports that she has never felt as good  about her life being a mother and becoming a responsible member of society.

Debbie initially arrived here intoxicated, not willing to do the intake (her sister brought her here doing an intervention to get help for her). She was very emotional, scared, and stating she didn’t want to stop drinking yet knew she had to. This writer and her sister convinced Debbie to give treatment a chance, however she would have to be detoxed first, which she agreed to do.

Debbie detoxed and found her health was very bad and motivated herself to come to treatment. She worried about her husband who continued to drink. Presently Debbie and her husband are recovering, both are working, and attend the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Debbie reports her relationstlip with her daughter is wonderful, and with her brothers, sister. and family they are building a relationship that she always wanted. never knowing it was her drinking that kept them from having a loving and caring family.

Dorothy is a 57 year old African American female living in her daughter’s home taking care of her grandchildren. Dorothy completed school, worked a full-time job for 35 years, and is now on welfare due to health problems and is trying to get disability. Dorothy attends treatment three times weekly and struggles with being consistent. She recently has been able to see that she should be first and take care of herself, which is what she has learned from peers in group. Dorothy states she recognizes that her health is bad, and needs to get serious about her treatment which is progress in the contemplation phase of recovery.

Dorothy from My Father's House on Vimeo.